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The Barbaro Group carries out shipping management and coordination of all port procedures with high-quality service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Barbaro Group company that deals with shipping services is Naviservice.

We assure our clients a wide range of services as a port agent thanks to our experience with all types of vessels and shipping, from traditional solid cargo and container ships to bulk carriers and heavy cargo ships.

The widespread presence of the Group’s offices throughout Sicily allows us to make the most of the island’s strategic position in the heart of Mediterranean maritime traffic.

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Highest Quality Standards In The Shipping World



  • Worldwide agency appointment;
  • Contract with Port Authorities and Port Services;
  • Analysis and control of tariffs based on numbe of calls and type of cargo;
  • Compilation of port costs estimate per Vessel/Port;
  • Analysis and control of Proforma Disbursement Accounts;
  • Monthly reporting of financial transactions;
  • Providing web-based access to financial data;
  • Annual reconciliation’s done at year end, for internal audit/cross reference purposes.


  • Shore excursion operators;
  • Forwarding;
  • Air, sea and railway shipments;
  • Customs import & export formalities;
  • Special transport and containers transport.
Shipping Agency - Pietro Barbaro

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