Always committed to business integrity and fairness


The long tradition linked to our values ​​allows us to shape our business vision and guide the company towards future challenges.

The values ​​underlying our organizational culture help us grow and improve as a Group.

Our Values

  • We are a Family-Group
  • Forward thinking

    We adapt to the needs and changes of an ever-changing sector. Our history has taught us that to successfully cross two centuries in the maritime transport sector, change and adaptation are not a choice but a necessity. For us, thinking ahead means preparing management and crews with a training course that never ends, being ready for the continuous technological-regulatory changes affecting our sector and offering an impeccable service.
  • We respect People

    We work every day to make the Barbaro Group an ideal environment for our people. We are committed to building a stimulating and safe working environment where different people can collaborate and grow, both humanly and professionally.
  • We respect the Environment

    We put our faces to ensure that our business practices are sustainable and safe for our planet, people and society.

The Code of Ethics of Pietro Barbaro

These values ​​are the basis of our identity as a Group and as a family. An efficient, open and sustainable corporate governance system allows fulfilling these values in everyday work. 

For this reason, Pietro Barbaro Ltd. has concentrated on defining principles that guarantee compliance of the activities of all Group companies with the highest standards of transparency and correctness and with the laws in force.

Pietro Barbaro’s Code of Ethics, approved by the resolution of the Administrative Body in 2013 and updated in July 2021, collects the values of the Group.

Supervisory Board (SB)

After formulating the Code of Ethics in 2016, Pietro Barbaro Ltd. took a further step to ensure complete transparency and reliable control of all its activities by creating a Supervisory Board (SB). The SB is a collegiate control body that monitors the Company’s compliance with the requirements of Legislative Decree no. 231/2001.

The task of the SB is to regularly check the efficiency of the structural system of procedures, rules and checks based on the Organizational, management and control model (Model 231) to prevent and reduce significant risks with implementation, monitoring and maintenance, evolutionary and adaptive of any dangers.

The company developed Model 231, intending to create its own organizational system in line with the requirements of the Decree-Law 231/2001 based on the principles already rooted in the corporate culture of the Group and on the guidelines issued by Confindustria and Confitarma.

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