Navigare necesse est


The maritime transport’s history of the Barbaro Group deepens its roots in the port of Palermo: in 1868, Marcello Barbaro became the owner of the “Silenzio“, the brig on which he had served as Commander.

Marcello Barbaro embarks on expeditions throughout Italy with the ship Silenzio, soon involving his brother Pietro and his sons Pietro and Giuseppe.
Since then, from the sunny docks of the port of Palermo of more than 200 years ago, we have never stopped.

The Barbaro Group has made the history of the industrial and commercial sector, innovating and adapting to the challenges of every era, never losing sight of the deep roots that bind us to the sea, nor our tradition and experience.

Thanks to collaborations with Italian and foreign shipowners and co-investments in companies, Alfredo and Gianni Barbaro have extraordinarily contributed to the evolution and innovation of the Group and the entire sector over the last 40 years.

By combining our maritime tradition with the newest technologies, we offer a service that makes good use of both our history and our know-how, maximizing the management experience while fully respecting the environment and the waters we have been ploughing for 200 years.

In designing the logistics of a maritime transportation business, we consider:

  • Sustainable business practices with respect for the environment.
  • The constant progress of technology to improve management’s contribution to workflow organization, and the continuous transparency of business processes.

As shipowners, we guarantee corporate solidity with an innovative business model.
Through regular audits and ongoing training, we ensure full compliance by our management and crews to the maritime industry’s fast-changing technology and regulatory requirements, offering the highest quality transportation services.

A strong work ethic, and integrity towards customers and employees, are the very foundation on which our organization is built.

Business opportunities and our know-how have allowed us to experiment and innovate, treasuring a century-old tradition we improve our high-quality services every day.

Our activities and interests outside the transport industry share the same  values-based approach:

  • Our resort Mari del Sud has been called “a gem of sustainability”
  • We received praise for two rescue operations by our ships in the Atlantic
  • We were recognized with an award from the International Petrolium Institute for bringing enviromental friendly transportation in Russia
  • Our foundation facilitates cultural exchange, and with an annual scholarship to study abroad, fosters the education of bright young students
Shipping by Tradition - Pietro Barbaro - Tanker Ship Owners

We are proud of our business experience and are open for future challenges and opportunities.

The knowledge acquired over 200 years has allowed us to navigate the market, to innovate according to its demands, and sometimes, to create it.

This is what gives real meaning to the words innovation, sustainability and responsibility.

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