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sustainability gruppo barbaro pb tankers

PB Tankers, research and accountability to preserve the environment

As a group, we have always focused on spreading the culture of sustainability in our industry. We were the first to introduce double-hulled ships in the maritime transport sector, and we want to continue to be pioneers in the way we are dealing with the environment. Read the full press release here.

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Barbaro Group broadens european risiko Ship2Shore Pietro Barbaro

Ship2Shore Special: Barbaro Group broadens European risiko

Ship2Shore dedicates the first page of the number issued on 13/9/2017 to the Barbaro Group. The article illustrates part of the recent history of the Group: from the acquisition of Prime Shipping in 2005, to the landing in Malta last year with Prime International Ltd. retracing company’s business success and revealing future moves. Read the…

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Federica Barbaro Interview Ship2Shore

Eight questions to CEO Federica Barbaro – An Interview by Ship2Shore

In July 2017 Federica Barbaro has become the CEO of Pietro Barbaro S.p.A. In the interview published by the Italian magazine “Ship2Shore”, Federica replies to eight questions and tells about the generation change in the company operating in shipping since 200 years and illustrates the future projects of the Company. Read the interview (in Italian): Ship2Shore…

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Rosneft and Pietro Barbaro Joint Venture

Rosneft and Pietro Barbaro consolidate a Joint Venture

Pietro Barbaro and Rosneft tighten the alliance and consolidate a Joint Venture for cooperation on the Global Shipping Markets. Pietro Barbaro S.p.A. and Rosneft (represented by RN-International projects) during the XX St. Petersburg International Economic Forum have signed an important Agreement to create a Joint Venture (JV) for international sea freight. The Agreement regulates the…

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Pietro Barbaro and Rosneft to Jointly Enter Global Shipping Markets

Rosneft and Pietro Barbaro Group have signed a joint venture (JV) agreement for international shipping. The joint venture will significantly increase the efficiency of the logistics division of Rosneft and represents a new successful partership for the Group Pietro Barbaro.Rosneft, a leader in the oil industry in Russia, and Pietro Barbaro Group, a key player in the marine transportation…

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Rosneft, Sberbank and Pietro Barbaro Acquire Prime Shipping

Rosneft, Sberbank and Pietro Barbaro Acquire Prime Shipping

Rosneft, Sberbank and Pietro Barbaro Signed a Purchase Agreement for the Acquisition of Prime Shipping The Russian Joint Venture between Rosneft, Sberbank Investments and Pietro Barbaro S.p.A. signed at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum a legally binding Framework Agreement for the acquisition by the Joint Venture (JV) of Pietro Barbaro Group shipping assets in the…

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