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Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is the alternative fuel driving the energy transition in the shipping landscape.

The Barbaro Group deals with maritime transport via PB Tankers, a Company owned by the Group.
If you want more information on the solutions offered by PB Tankers in the transportation of LNG, you can click here.

Barbaro Group pioneers the transition towards LNG

According to research conducted by BP Statistical Review of World Energy, in 2020, the global volume of LNG trade reached 488 billion cubic meters, while the fleets capable of transporting LNG to meet the growing consumption reached 642 boats. The results confirm a constant growth trend for an alternative energy source with the capability of revolutionizing maritime transport.

In the 1990s, well in advance of the sector’s development, the Barbaro Group understood the environmental and economic potential of liquefied natural gas as a source of clean energy.

Through the subsidiary Fluvio Padana, the Group has developed gas transport along the Po river by managing eight gas tankers with deadweight from 2,500 to 3,600 T.

Recently the Barbaro Group has developed some innovative projects for the transport of LNG.

In 2015, the Group devised technical specifications for constructing a Small Scale LNG (SSLNG): about 7,000 cubic meters of capacity, both for transport from the Italian coasts to a storage plant on the eastern shores of Sardinia and to supply LNG to other units (bunkering).

The ship, equipped with the main engine and “dual fuel” auxiliary engines, was able to use both liquid fuel (MGO) and the gas that vaporizes in type “C” containment tanks (Boil Off Gas, BOG ).

Why should you choose the Barbaro Group to transport LNG?

As forerunner of the LNG sector, the Barbaro Group, is specialised in transporting this kind of alternative energy source and has been offering cutting-edge services and pioneering solutions for 30 years.

Our passion drives us to seek more and more innovative answers to satisfy every request of our customers. As a symbol of our ambition, we have recently expanded our project portfolio to elaborate specifications for a 30,000 m3 LNG ship.

The competence and development of long-term relationships with the leading players in the sector (partners with considerable experience in the LNG sector, technical, crew, safety and control) allow us to provide a wide range of business solutions that increase opportunities for the Group and the quality of the service offered.


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