With five generations of experience in the maritime industry, the Barbaro Group offers much more than naval transport services of the highest quality.

The multitude of services offered by the Barbaro Group and its companies aims at the maximum satisfaction of our customers.

The Barbaro Group offers its high-quality services mainly in the following three areas:

Maritime Transport

Liquefied Natural Gas, cars, heavy boats, refrigerated cargos…
Barbaro Group brings many different kinds of goods to their destination and has simplified the industry for two centuries.

The Group manages:

  • Liquified Natural Gas;
  • Dry bulks
  • General cargo
  • Coastal liners
  • Cruise ships;
  • Transhipment, heavy lift vessels
  • Recovering slops
  • Bunker supply, fresh water and provision;
  • Feedering

Sea Shipping Agency

Thanks to the group’s offices throughout Sicily, with a central position in the Mediterranean Sea, the Barbaro Group also carries out shipping management activities as a hub agent and operator.


Our ancient tradition in the maritime industry and our internationally-gained entrepreneurial qualities made us an essential point of reference for tourists from all over the world and partners of the sector’s largest operators. We carefully select and propose the most evocative itineraries, providing the welcome and assistance of highly qualified staff to offer a perfect stay in every detail.

We always ensure the highest quality standards in the industries in which we operate.

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