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Tanker Ship Owners - Pietro Barbaro - Oil Transportation
Tanker Ship Owners - Pietro Barbaro - Oil Transportation

MR Tankers

The Barbaro Group operates in the MR Tankers market through the company PB Tankers S.p.A.

Sea-River Tankers

Prime Shipping LLC is active in the Russian sea-river tankers market

PB Tankers owns and operates a fleet of product tankers, all built and operated in accordance with the highest standards for quality and reliability.

Taking advantage of the family experience as tanker ship owners and triggered by the growth of the oil products’ market in the Baltic Sea and the White Sea, the Barbaro Group has made a strategic decision to invest in ice – class 1 A tankers. Since 2003, the strategy pursued has led the Group to order more than 20 Medium Range Tankers, 51,000 DWT ice-class 1 A, at the Korean shipyard STX, for a total investment of approx. USD 900 million.

The decision of investing in the Ice Class Tankers segment has been successful. In fact, it has experienced a strong upward trend as a result of the increasing presence of oil products from the Russian Federation in the world market and the consequent development of trade across the Baltic Sea and the White Sea. In order to support its commercial ventures, PB Tankers also operates MR tankers through long-term and short-term charter parties. On June 2012 PB Tankers obtained ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications, pointing out the Company attention on the customer satisfaction and on the environmental issues. In 2015 PB Tankers has become the first company in Italy to obtain CMS (Competence Management System) certificate.

In 2006 the Barbaro Group, has set up its Russian subsidiary Prime Shipping LLC, operating in the Russian sea-river tankers market along the Volga-Don river System and connected seas.

The river has always been considered by Barbaro a unique natural infrastructure for the transportation development and an indispensable instrument for the economic growth of the Russian Federation.

Due to the understanding of the Russian shipping market dynamics, the experience in transport and the consolidated trade relations with various Russian clients, Prime Shipping became one of the most important players in the Volga-Don area and on the strategic routes of the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.

In September 2015 a new important partnership for Prime Shipping has started when the Russian Joint Venture between Rosneft, Sberbank Investments and Pietro Barbaro S.p.A. closed the acquisition of the Pietro Barbaro Group shipping assets in the Russian Federation (100% share of Prime Shipping group of companies).

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