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LNG Carrier

Liquefied Natural Gas has become a big player in the maritime transport industry. A research carried out by SEA\LNG shows that by 2020 fleets that are able to carry LNG on board will double up in order to meet the growing interest in LNG and to serve all the upcoming projects.
One of the reasons why the demand for LNG has been growing is that it is a clean form of energy, friendly for the environment.

Pietro Barbaro Group anticipated in an LNG trading project in the 1990s when, through its subsidiary Fluvio Padana, traded LNG along the Po River in Italy, loading in Rovigo and discharging in the coastal depot in Cremona. Until today, managers from Pietro Barbaro Group’s company PB Tankers have managed eight Liquefied Petroleum Gas tankers ranging from 2.500 to 3.600 DWT.

PB Tankers is in charge of the development of different projects involving the management of LNG.

In 2015 PB Tankers had already developed a project  that led to the definition of the building specification for a small scale LNG carrier (7.000 m3) tailored for the bunkering trade on the Italian coast and supplying a green field LNG shore storage facility on the East Coast of Sardinia.

The LNG carrier was thought to be fitted with Dual Fuel main engines able to burn BOG and Type “C” cargo containment system.

Pietro Barbaro Group has deep roots in the industry of marine transport and commodities shipping and trading.

Expertise is an important asset of the Group. The development of long-term relationship with main players in the industry offers an extensive range of business solutions that empowers every opportunity and potential partner.

PB Tankers is always looking for resources and partners with an extensive LNG expertise (technical, crewing, safety and vetting) ready to join its team.

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